Co-conversion of Biomass with Plastics and Tires

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Singh, Maninderjit
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University of Guelph

The work presented in this thesis explores the thermochemical methods (pyrolysis and gasification) for co-conversion of biomass with plastics and tires into value added products. Numerical study was performed on steam co-gasification of sawdust and plastics (PE and PP) using Aspen Plus. The study determined the synergistic effects of mixing PE and PP (0-30%) with lignocellulosic biomass. Highest hydrogen concentrations of 64.58 % and 62.87 % were obtained respectively for PE-biomass and PP-biomass gasification at 30% plastic content and 750 oC. Experimental research was carried out on co-pyrolysis of sawdust and tires using Quartz Wool Matrix (QWM) reactor over zeolite and novel biochar-based catalyst. Design Expert version 11 was used to obtain the optimal process conditions. Both catalysts showed great catalytic performance in terms of de-oxygenation and denitrogenation reactions. With the biochar-based catalyst, selectivity of aromatics was increased to more than double (25.53 %) as compared to the non-catalytic process (11.48 %).

Co-pyrolysis, Co-gasification, Biomass, Plastics, Tires, Thermochemical conversion
Singh, M., Salaudeen, S.A., Gilroyed, B.H. et al. A review on co-pyrolysis of biomass with plastics and tires: recent progress, catalyst development, and scaling up potential. Biomass Conv. Bioref. (2021).