Grassed waterway demonstration projects

Graham, A.
Knight, G.
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Queen's Printer for Ontario

A series of four grassed waterways were constructed in the upper part of the Avon River Basin during 1981. The purpose of the projects is to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of grassed waterways in relation to the overall goals of the Rural Sub-Committee of reducing non-point source pollution through runoff and erosion control. Average costs of construction varied from $1.00 - $3.00 per foot depending on length of run, size of drain tile, placement of catch basin, and outlet structure. Recommended varieties of grasses and legumes have stabilized the waterways. The installation of drop inlets, tile drainage and the construction of protected outlets have further controlled erosion. Landowner acceptance and local reaction has proven favourable to project implementation. Additional monitoring of these projects will further establish their effectiveness in reducing sediment and phosphorus loadings to downstream areas.

Stratford-Avon River Environmental Management Project (SAREMP)
Pre-SAREMP Reports
river, erosion, erosion control, runoff control, grassed waterway, nonpoint pollution, drop inlet, tile drainage, protected outlet, management practices