Mapping the Canadian Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program and the Restriction of the SAWP Worker

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Huesca, Eduardo Leon
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University of Guelph

I examine and contextualize the Canadian Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP). I problematize what I suggest is the heightened regulation and subjugation of workers under this labour scheme. I suggest that by more thoroughly understanding the mass exodus of ‘national’, white citizen workers from the Canadian agricultural industry we are better able to problematize this program as a policy that has allowed for the evasion of a critical look into Canadian agriculture. By tracing the legacy of farm worker recruitment schemes and programs that preceded the SAWP, we can also identify this program as part of a legacy of strategically normalizing problematized industry conditions through the exploitation of difference and socio-economic marginalization among groups of people. I discuss how the SAWP worker has been discursively organized and institutionalized as a highly regulated person, and contribute to understanding the various forms of regulation, disciplining and control mobilized on these individuals.

Migrant Labour, Labour Program, Migrant Farm Workers in Canada, Regulation and Control