Fast food creolization in Ecuador: how consumers have received the fast food concept in their culture

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Guerra, Mireya
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University of Guelph

This thesis is an exploratory and descriptive analysis of how Ecuadorian consumers are receiving the fast food concept in their culture as evidenced by a sample of residents of Quito. Given the present popularity of American fast food in Ecuador and the predictions of continuous growth in the upcoming years, this topic is important for an understanding of meanings and uses given to American fast food by consumers from another country and culture. This research applied qualitative and quantitative methods to examine attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions of Ecuadorians in regards to American fast food. Results indicate demographic and diet behaviour differences between patrons and non-patrons, and the existence of six groups of consumers, which included three types of patrons and three types of non-patrons. Status, impact on food culture, food quality, convenience, price, and taste influenced patronage and creolization of American fast food brands.

Ecuador, consumers, fast food, culture, American fast food, food culture, food quality, convenience, price, taste