O. A. C. Review Volume XXXI Issue 4, December 1918

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Ontario Agricultural College

This expanded special Christmas issue celebrates the end of World War 1 starting with an article by and interview with Dr. Creelman and an address to the alumni who fought. Printed in this issue is the 1914-1918 Honour Roll of over 700 names. The Macdonald Institute column also provides an Honour Roll for the alumnae. Agricultural articles pertain to seed potatoes, Clydesdale horses, and the production of plums in Ontario. The Review celebrates its thirtieth year of publication and includes a historical sketch and the printing of the winners of the O. A. C. Review's competition in short stories and poems. Campus news features college organization results, the sophomore dance, the reorganization of the C. O. T. C., and literary society meetings. The Macdonald Institute column contains a welcome to four new students from South Africa, and reviews of the Halloween dance, stunt night, and alumnae updates. The Alumni column provides several military letters, news of those killed in action, and alumni updates.

Issue 4, December 1918 incorrectly labelled Issue 3, November 1918 (on page 11 of PDF).
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