The ability to move: A transportation and accessibility study on persons with disabilities living in rural communities

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Guthrie, Stephanie
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University of Guelph

Rural communities often find themselves with limited transportation options and frequently no alternatives to the use of a personal vehicle. This research defines the importance of adequate transportation and focuses its scope on people with any form of disability, who are at a disadvantage due to their inability to individually use a personal vehicle. The research looks at the importance of accessible transportation options, types of transportation methods, and the effects that lack of transportation can have on a person's quality of life. A case study will look at Grey County to define service needs and the gaps that currently exist. The research finds that the need for consistent scheduled service for the working class with disabilities is not met. The research uncovers other groups, which fall outside of the disability category that suffer from the same transportation disadvantage and its consequences. This research attempts to develop a framework to identify transportation service gaps in Grey County but the primary objective of the research is to draw attention to the transportation needs of people living with disabilities in rural communities.

transportation, accessible transportation options, transportation methods, scheduled service, service gap, rural communities