O. A. C. Review Volume XXXII Issue 7, March 1920

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Ontario Agricultural College

The agricultural articles in this issue pertain to the Canadian Council of Agriculture, installing lightning rods, selecting pullets for profitable egg production, vegetable breeding at the O. A. C., and transplanting onions. Alumnus T. H. Mason provides a retrospective on the early days of the O. A. C. A student article refutes the public sentiment that O. A. C. graduates are not returning to their farms after graduation. Another student examines the Students' Co-operative Association. Articles on nutrition include the nutrients found in milk, and seasonings used in cooking. A new column highlights the progress of the fundraising for the War Memorial Hall and lists the amounts raised by each graduate class. Continued in this issue is the wartime biographical sketch titled "Apres la Guerre". While the farm power column contains an article on the gasoline engine. The editorial also takes issue with the complaint that O. A. C. graduates are enticed away from practical farming. Campus news contains updates on the casualties of the Spanish Flu, the freshman skating party, campus election and athletic results. The Macdonald Institute column provides reports on the management of the influenza epidemic on campus, the new student initiation, and Y. W. C. A. convention in Des Moines. The Alumni column contains alumni updates and a listing of all O. A. C. graduates who have surnames beginning with the letters "H" and "I".

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