How Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Attributes Affect Consumer Purchase Intention

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Yang, Ran
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University of Guelph

This thesis is an investigation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its influence on consumers’ ethical decision-making and consumption behaviour, primarily from a moral perspective. The main objective of this study is to explore consumers’ justice-related decision-making and ethical behavior in the consumption environment. Additionally, we seek to investigate whether providing extensive information regarding different degrees of justice restoration potential can play an important role in strengthening or weakening support for ethical products. Individual preferences were identified using a Discrete Choice Experiment (DCE), in which products from two categories are selected: an athletic shoe and a bar soap. The results provide strong evidence for the effectiveness of deontic justice, and also illustrate that the degree of justice restoration potential has a significant impact on preference for products with social attributes. Thus, this study shows that such factors can affect consumer purchase intention with regard to products with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) attributes in both categories.

CSR attributes, Deontic justice, Justice restoration potential