O. A. C. Review Volume XXXIV Issue 3, November 1921

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Ontario Agricultural College

The agricultural articles in this issue pertain to the Department of Agriculture's Ontario Butter Grading Service and activities of the bacteriology, apiculture, and botanical departments. Other articles include the need for wildlife conservation with the creation of the national parks system, and the two series on Canadian literature, and the great musicians. The serialized articles "Apres la Guerre" authored by H. C. Mason aka The Veteran have now been published as a book titled "Bits O' Bronze". The book "Bits O' Bronze" is illustrated by alumnus D. C. McArthur. Campus news highlights activities pertaining to war veterans. Specifically the publication of the book "Bits o' Bronze", an update from the War Memorial Hall Committee, reminiscence of Armistice Day 1918, and a report from the O. A. C. Returned Men's Club. Other activities on campus were the Union Literary Society's promenade, the Halloween dance, and athletic activities. The Alumni column contains notes on the Class of 1919, and alumni and alumnae updates. This issue does not contain a Macdonald column.

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