Effects of organic fertilizers on turfgrass quality and growth

Grégoire, Guillaume
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University of Guelph

This research was conducted to determine the effects of two new organic fertilizers (A724 and T535) on turfgrass quality and growth under golf course conditions. Organic fertilizers were included in synthetic fertility regimes and applied during a three-year period on a golf course fairway at 196 kg N ha-1 in six or in four applications. The organic fertilizers, compared to a synthetic regime, did not significantly affect turfgrass quality and growth. However, the reduction in the number of applications reduced turfgrass quality. In the second experiment, the two organic fertilizers were applied for two years on a putting green at 250 kg N ha-1 in 12 applications both in a completely organic regime and in a half organic/half synthetic regime. The two organic fertilizers produced turfgrass quality similar or better than synthetic fertilizer (methylene urea) and provided dollar spot ('Sclerotinia homoeocarpa') from 39% to 75%.

organic fertilizers, A724, T535, turfgrass, quality, growth, golf course conditions