O. A. C. Review Volume XLI Issue 10, June 1929

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Ontario Agricultural College

This issue completes the school year and begins with portraits of Mrs. Fuller of the Macdonald Institute and Dr. J. B. Reynolds of the O. A. C. Detailed plans for the new Horticulture building (H. L. Hutt building) are included in this issue. Agricultural articles pertain to improving soil, biology, and butter. Other articles address the Elgin House Conference, the two first-prize essays on the Waterdown Short Course, and the 1929 Convocation. Campus expansion activities outlined in this issue are the Arthur Cutten Recreational Field, and the brief outlines of other new projects. Reprinted in this issue is the valedictory address given at the Macdonald Institute. Campus news comments on the potential for a weekly paper, the rut of routine, and the vagarity of old age. The Macdonald Institute column provides an article on summer beverages, and alumnae activities. While the Alumni column provides alumni updates. Summer addresses of the graduating class are also provided.

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