Field scale tests of cover crops I and II

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Conservation Management Systems, A Division of Ecologistics Limited
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Agriculture Canada

During 1990-1991 three separate field scale cover crop trials were conducted in Middlesex, Perth and Huron counties in southwestern Ontario. The first trial looked at broadcasting barley and annual ryegrass into corn when the corn was at approximately the twelve leaf stage. This study was located at five locations, two of which were managed in an organic fashion and the remaining sites were band sprayed. The second area of study looked at seeding spring cereals (oats and barley) into soybeans at 10% leaf drop and prior to harvest. A total of five cooperators participated in this part of the study. The following year, 1991, the best performing treatments from the aforementioned studies were carried one step further. This trial examined seeding rates of ½X, 1X and 2X the recommended rate for annual ryegrass broadcast into corn and barley and oats seeded into soybeans at 10% leaf drop. A total of nine sites were involved in this project.

Soil and Water Environmental Enhancement Program (SWEEP)
cover crop management system, crop yield, species, planting date, application method, cover crop, crop canopy