"In the Ghetto, Life no easy for we": The Construction and Negotiation of Identity in Ajegunle Raga.

Ogunbowale, Mopelolade Oreoluwa
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University of Guelph

This thesis is an investigation into the historical evolution of Ajegunle Raga, a reggae form developed within an urban ghetto in Lagos called Ajegunle and the construction and negotiation of identities therein. The research further argues that Ajegunle Raga is a home-grown oppositional music subculture that draws inspiration from diasporic musical subcultures like Reggae and Hip Hop but retains a genuine representation of Ajegunle in its tales of survival, poverty, marginalization and expressions of creativity within the ambience of the music.

Ajegunle, Ajeromi- Ifelodun, Ajegunle Raga, Lagos, Jolly City, Jungle City, Ghetto Soldier, Charlieman, Daddy Showkey, Daddy Fresh, Baba Fryo, Cashman Davis, Danfo drivers, Marvellous Bengy, Kimi Rankin, Kanmi Rankin, Prof Likin, Rayan T, Raymond King, Vocal Slender, African China, Afrobeat, afro reggae, Flektaman, Orishefemi, Mighty Mouse, Johnny Nabena, Raga dub Chapel