FAQ General

Who can deposit in the Atrium?

The Atrium accepts submissions of scholarly or creative works created at or in collaboration with the University of Guelph. All University of Guelph community members including faculty, staff, students, and research collaborators are welcome to deposit in the Atrium. 

Undergraduate student authors who wish to deposit non-thesis materials must have the approval of a departmental faculty member. 

Can I deposit content on behalf of someone else? 

To deposit content in the Atrium you must be either the creator of the submission, a researcher collaborating with the creator(s), or an individual designated by the creator of the submission. 

If you are depositing content on behalf of your co-authors, you must seek permission from the other authors before submitting the work. 

What content can be deposited?

The Atrium primarily hosts research publications and open access versions of scholarly and creative work such as: 

  • Graduate theses and dissertations 
  • Journal articles and preprints 
  • Books / Book Chapters 
  • Conference Presentations / Papers 
  • Grey literature (including policy briefings, plain language summaries, trade publications, community outreach materials) 
  • Other research outputs such as protocols, images, reports, infographics, papers, audio files, etc.

Can I deposit research data in the Atrium?

The Atrium primarily hosts research publications and creative works. Research data should be deposited in the University of Guelph Research Data Repositories. Visit How to deposit research data in the Agri-environmental Research Data Repository or the University of Guelph Research Data Repository for more details. 

What does it cost to deposit items?

There is no cost to deposit items in the Atrium. Currently, the costs associated with maintaining collections in the Atrium remain part of the operating budget of the Library.

How do I get started?

Please refer to the Help page for instructions for setting up deposit access and submitting items to the Atrium.