FAQ General

Who can deposit in the Atrium?

The Atrium houses collections of digital scholarly resources that are created, published, or sponsored by the University of Guelph, its faculty, its staff, its students and selected other affiliated scholars.

What content can be added?

The Atrium contains the scholarly or creative outputs of University researchers. Contents may include theses and dissertations, as well as research outputs such as articles, reports, papers, monographs, videos, images, software code, and select other material.

Can I deposit items already published or deposited elsewhere?

Yes, you can deposit items already published or deposited elsewhere providing your agreement with the other publishing entity does not contain restrictions which would be breached upon depositing in the Atrium. See the FAQ Copyright section for details.

What does it cost to deposit items?

There is no cost to deposit items in the Atrium. Currently, the costs associated with maintaining collections in the Atrium remain part of the operating budget of the Library.

How do I get started?

To create a collection in the Atrium, use the New Collection Request form.

How do I submit items?

There are two methods available to submit items to an existing collection.

  1. Self-deposit: Read the online submission guide for step-by-step instructions on submitting items into the Atrium.
  2. Assisted deposit: You may request assistance preparing and depositing material into the Atrium. Contact us for details.

Can I deposit my research data in the Atrium?

The University of Guelph Library has two data repositories which have been set up to collect and preserve research data. Data can be directly linked from the data repositories to associated items in the Atrium. Visit our Preserving Your Data webpage for details.