Comparison of machine learning algorithms for estimation of pig body weights from on-animal and digital image measurements

Wang, Zhuoyi
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University of Guelph

Live body weight (LBW) is an important parameter for both animal health and market requirements for livestock. My thesis focused on exploring the feasibility of a semi-automatic system that estimated the LBW of pigs by applying 4 machine learning (ML) methods (Linear Regression, K-Nearest Neighbor, Decision Tree, and Random Forest) using 3 biometric and 6 morphometric measurements extracted from digital images acquired from 26 pigs in Arkell Swine Research Facility with a consumer-level camera and a reference object. Age, age group, and 6 morphometric measurements significantly influenced LBW estimation, while gender did not. The correlation between manual and image-based measurements was positive and moderately high. Prediction errors for ML models trained on the two acquisition methods were within a  3 kg range, with image-based measurements performing up to 16% lower than manual measurements. This cost- and time-efficient system shows potential for intelligent solutions in animal research and production.

Pig, Machine learning algorithms, Machine learning algorithms, estimation, Live body weight, Machine learning models, semi-automatic/automatic estimation