Establishing Disc Golf Course Best Practices: The Creation, Application and Evaluation for an Emerging Sport

Aquino-Chien, Ethan
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University of Guelph

Disc golf is a low impact sport that offers benefits such as a strengthened sense of community and positive physical and mental health impacts, while using the existing natural landscapes. Given the low cost of entry to the sport, municipalities are incorporating disc golf courses within existing parklands. Landscape architects are being relied on to create and implement these courses; however, the relative newness of the sport has yet produced a consolidated resource. This research identifies disc golf course design best practices and considers the unique conditions of the surrounding landscape. A literature review, design criteria development, design implementation and design evaluations were conducted. The resulting best practices were applied to a design located in London, Ontario and evaluated to assess its appropriateness as an application of best practices. By understanding the multiple requirements of disc golf, municipalities can identify areas appropriate for well-designed courses and realize all their benefits.

disc golf course design, best practices, parks and recreation, underutilized spaces