From Data to Design: An Exploration and Application of Information Design Principles in Landscape Architecture

Lozano, Cara
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University of Guelph

Information design is deeply rooted within human nature, and information graphics are used in nearly every discipline where communication is necessary. Landscape architecture- a profession highly based in collaboration and public input, stands to benefit from good information design throughout its many stages. The purpose of this thesis is to explore and apply contemporary information design principles within landscape architecture. Through analysis of relevant literature, and assessment of post occupancy evaluations of Landscape architecture projects, this study explores the way information can and is presented within the field. It goes further by applying these lessons to existing public life study data for the 2019 temporary plazaPOPS installation in Wexford Heights, Scarborough. 4 information graphics are created as a result, and through discussion and the critique of design application, the design guidelines are revised. This thesis contributes insight towards the creation of successful information design within landscape architecture.

Information Design, Information Architecture, Information Graphic, Post Occupancy Evaluation, Public Life Study, Data Visualization, Design Guidelines, Infographic, Landscape Architecture