Designer Robots: An early look at applications for Artificial Intelligence Visualization Software in Landscape Architecture

Li, Marika
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University of Guelph

Due to rapid technological changes, artificial intelligence (AI) driven graphic software appears to be the next frontier in creating digital imagery, though little is known on the potential of artificial intelligence for rendering landscape architecture graphics. The objective of this study is to determine the effectiveness and efficiencies of current Adobe-based rendering techniques, compared with the two major types of AI visualization software (sketch-based and text-based). Professionals were surveyed and asked to evaluate images of similar landscape scenes produced with either traditional methods or AI software. Then, a design experiment with a human-AI hybrid approach was carried out. This study determined that while AI-based software cannot truly replace visualization methods currently used in education and practice, early adoption has already begun and may profoundly affect the design process.

Digital design, Visual communications, Text-to-image, Segmentation map, DALL-E 2, NVIDIA, AI, Visualization software