The Effects of Probing in Asynchronous Video Interviews

Patel, Rahul
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University of Guelph

The personnel selection field has observed the rise and use of the asynchronous video interview (AVI). In the AVI, applicants log on to an online portal to record responses to interview questions, which are later scored. Alarmingly, applicants react negatively to AVIs. The current study investigates whether probing as a design feature can improve applicant reactions (e.g., opportunity to perform perceptions) toward the AVI, whether these improved reactions impact applicants’ interview behaviours and mechanisms for how probes impact interview scores. The study employs a between-subjects (AVI with probes, AVI with no probes) experimental design. Results suggest that AVIs with probes benefit applicants by moderately improving their opportunity to perform perceptions toward AVIs, incrementally increasing their use of honest IM, and moderately increasing their interview ratings. Organizations should consider administering AVIs with probes, especially when such AVIs pose past-behavioural questions; likewise, applicants should take advantage of these opportunities to perform their best.

asynchronous video interview, opportunity to perform, impression management, interview ratings, applicant reactions, probing, technology, path analysis, structural equation modelling