Environmental and socio-cultural impacts of glyphosate-based herbicides: Insights from Indigenous Knowledge and Western Science

Patterson, Heather
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University of Guelph

For decades, herbicide application in commercial forestry has been a concern for First Nations across northern Ontario. Through a knowledge sharing workshop, “Connecting Guardians in a Changing World”, we interviewed community members from First Nations across the Robinson-Huron Treaty area and surrounding area and asked them to share their knowledge and concerns regarding herbicide use in commercial forestry. Based on community direction and guidance I then proceeded to conduct a spectral analysis of commercial forestry sites which were clear-cut as well as those that were clear-cut and treated with glyphosate-based herbicides to assess how commercial forestry practices may impact spring green-up phenology. By weaving knowledge systems, we conducted research using an inclusive approach which brought together multiple ways of knowing and which addressed shared environmental concerns in holistic ways that emphasized the interconnectedness of the environment, including humans therein.

glyphosate, Indigenous, Western Science, Weaving, Remote Sensing