Improvement at Work: Examining the Influence of Employee Perceptions and Reactions to Constructive Feedback

Power, Julia
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University of Guelph

This research focused on employee reactions to constructive feedback at work. Research has established that individual differences and interpersonal dynamics with supervisors play an important role in employee reactions to feedback. Two studies (cross sectional and time-separated) examined the mediated relationships between feedback orientation, feedback perceptions (quality and constructiveness), and improvement effort. A novel moderation was also examined to investigate if felt trust strengthened employee improvement effort. In both studies, feedback orientation had a positive relationship with feedback perceptions and improvement effort. The mediation pathways were only supported in Study 2. Although the interaction between felt trust and feedback constructiveness was significant in Study 1, it was in the opposite direction than was hypothesized. Based on these results, potential extensions of this research as well as theoretical and practical implications were discussed.

Feedback, Improvement, Feedback Orientation, Felt Trust, Trust