Effects of Winter Rye (Secale cereale) Termination Strategies on Corn (Zea mays) Establishment and Yield and on Weed Control

Noorenberghe, Olivia
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University of Guelph

Management practices for winter rye cover crops preceding corn need to be optimized to increase adoption. This study investigated whether planting corn without tillage into rye free strips or terminating rye with different application timings (14 days before planting (DBP) to 7 days after planting (DAP)) of herbicides (glyphosate and glufosinate) prior to corn planting can mitigate negative impacts on corn performance while maximizing rye biomass. Two other studies evaluated the efficacy of several herbicide tank mixtures for winter rye termination in the spring before corn planting. While corn yield was reduced at Woodstock when rye was terminated at 7 DAP, at Elora, rye termination 7 DAP did not reduce corn yield when averaged across planting patterns and herbicides. Glyphosate provides the most rapid and highest control of winter rye; however, it can be tank mixed successfully with other herbicides which provide additional modes of action without compromising control.

rye, cover crops, herbicide, corn, termination timing, light quality, cereal rye, weed control