McClelland, Graeme
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University of Guelph

Vitium is a naturalistic theatre script that depicts and explores the long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse on male survivors. Due to misogynistic research bias’ and the culture of toxic masculinity discouraging men from disclosing emotional trauma, the experiences of male victims are too often underrepresented in scientific literature. This contributes to a general deterioration in the state of men’s mental health in Canada, and this thesis seeks to bring voice to silenced stories. This story follows one victim as he struggles with his history of trauma, explores the effect that non-disclosure has upon his own psyche and his connections to his family, and displays how cycles of abuse are allowed to perpetuate. Utilizing soliloquy to highlight the protagonist’s inner thoughts, the audience is shown the turmoil victims experience in maintaining their silence and navigating the complexity of disclosure.

Play, Queer, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Mental Health, Family, Siblings, Canada, Misogyny, Toxic Masculinity, Cycle of Abuse, Trauma