Exploring commercial exploration of yellow mustard (sinapis alba l.) gum: stabilization and emulsification in vegetarian mayonnaise and non-dairy fat whipping cream

Liu, Ruoyan
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University of Guelph

This research used yellow mustard gum (YMG) to prepare vegetarian mayonnaise, while YMG and fenugreek gum were mixed to formulate non-dairy fat whipping cream. The results indicated that YMG improved the stability and shelf life of vegetarian mayonnaise. With 0.6% YMG, the mayonnaise was similar in texture to commercial products; however, YMG emulsions were more stable after 90 days. YMG-fenugreek gum mixtures produced stable foams, resistant to collapse, with desirable texture in whipping cream containing 0.1% gum. The mayonnaise and whipping cream formulated with YMG or YMG-fenugreek gum mixtures have comparative or improved properties compared to commercial counterparts. Yellow mustard gum can be utilized to develop clean-label food products without any synthetic gums or additives. The products have the potential to substitute traditional products; YMG is beneficial to vegetarian and non-dairy product development.

Yellow mustard gum, egg-free, food emulsion, Rheology, vegetarian, mayonnaise, whipping cream, Non-dairy, Stability, Commercial utilization, Application, Stabilization, Emulsification