What Does It Take to Bring Housing Affordability to Non-Metropolitan Areas in Southwestern Ontario?

Orr, Nancy
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University of Guelph

It has been widely recognized we are in a housing crisis with far reaching ramifications. The priority of actioning solutions has not been responsive enough to meet community needs, and a market driven economy has not served housing affordability well. All levels of government play a role in the complex system of housing policy, however impacts are felt most heavily at a local level. Communities cannot wait for senior levels of government to design and implement the needed systematic changes. Through the review of three case studies and perspectives garnered from industry leaders, this exploratory research project contributes to understanding what enabling conditions can influence housing affordability in non-metro areas. Solutions require land, a local champion, political will, housing expertise, and community support. Attitudes and capacities of those within these roles are as significant as the roles themselves; collaboration is required with a vision that everyone deserves a home.

affordable housing, affordability, housing, affordable, attainable, attainable housing, home, rural, non-metro, non-metropolitan areas, NMAs, Southwestern Ontario, Goderich, Thamesford, Listowel