A Service-oriented Approach to Ontario Food-grade Soybeans and Cannabis Supply Chains

Yu, Michael
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University of Guelph

Fulfillment of customers’ requirements is becoming increasingly important in today’s competitive era. Customers are increasingly valuing agri-food products for specific qualities and the protocols used in their production. Service-dominant logic offers an alternative relational approach to the traditional cost-driven transactional management of agri-food supply chains. Using a qualitative approach, trustful and committed B2B relationships; acknowledgement and effective application of intangible resources; and customer-centric value co-creation are identified as key elements to a service-oriented supply chain. Interaction between chain members, resource integration, and value co-creation was also found to be heavily informed by institutional context, such as markets and legislation. These findings suggest that strengthening linkages and coordination in supply chains may also require managing resources that lie beyond the supply chain, such as institutions and institutional arrangements, in addition to the traditional management of goods, information, and buyer-supplier relations.

Supply chain management, Service-dominant logic, Agri-food, Value co-creation, Relationships, Intangible resources, Institutions