Student Food Insecurity Campus Readiness Assessment: An Analysis of Campus Responses to Student Food Security Across Canadian Universities

Glaros, Alesandros
MacIntyre, Jill
Laban, Sam
Maynard, Merryn
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The Student Food Insecurity Campus Readiness Assessment supports emerging efforts to galvanize Canadian campus communities to take action in addressing student food insecurity (SFI). The readiness assessment analyzes existing responses to student food insecurity on individual campuses, and provides insights into how the sector as a whole is responding to SFI. It was completed as part of “Promoting Food Security in Higher Education,” a collaboration between Meal Exchange and staff and faculty at the University of British Columbia, the University of Guelph, McMaster University and the University of Ottawa. This collaboration is a reflection of their own efforts to address student food insecurity and also a response to broader attention the issue has received in recent years, including the growing volume of research, news articles and the formation of a number of campus food security committees.

Guelph Lab, food security, Food insecurity, university, campus, food