From The Brink: Jamaica's Oracabessa Bay Fish Sanctuary Development Processes

Martin, Ezekiel
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University of Guelph

Over exploitation of coastal fisheries has led to the collapse or near collapse of numerous fish stocks, including Oracabessa Bay fisheries in Jamaica. Attempts are being made to utilize coastal fisheries management and conservation efforts aimed at reversing fish stock decline. The study is aimed at proposing an adaptable policy model, inclusive of alternative livelihood options that will guide coastal marine management and conservation. Based on the experience of Jamaica’s Oracabessa Bay Fish Sanctuary, the research seeks to answer the question; What processes explain the revival of the Oracabessa Bay Fisheries? Data were collected from secondary documentation and key informant interviews. The findings highlighted several processes that were critical in the success of the OBFS, including community engagement and legislative processes as well as alternative livelihood options. The results provide strong evidence for the inclusion, as policy, of a programme that offers alternative livelihood opportunities in establishing Marine Protected Areas.

Marine Protected Areas, Fish Sanctuary Development Processes, Small Scale Fisheries Conservation, Alternative Livelihood Policy Framework, Oracabessa Bay Fish Sanctuary, Socio-ecological conservation Model