Community Integration of Non-Profit Organizations: A Study of Nova Scotia's Employment Services Ecosystem

MacDonald, John Michael Jordan
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University of Guelph

Nova Scotia contracts non-profit organizations to deliver the majority of its public employment services system - Nova Scotia Works. This study asks how non-profit employment service providers in Nova Scotia integrate into their communities and promote place-based policy, programs, and services to address labour market needs. The goal of this research is to: understand the Nova Scotia employment services ecosystem, understand contracted non-profit service providers, determine the relationship between these organizations and their constituent communities, and explore whether non-profit employment services providers offer, or contribute to the development of, place-based employment services to the individuals they serve. Key informant interviews and qualitative data analysis tools were used in this study. The findings present a conceptual framework highlighting connecting, being present, internalizing, and operationalizing activities as ways for non-profit Nova Scotia Works contract holders to integrate and promote place-based services in their constituent communities. Contributions to non-profit theory and practice are made.

Nova Scotia, Third Sector, Employment Services, Community Integration, Nova Scotia Works, Capacity Development and Extension, Non-Profit Organizations