Key findings from long-term rotation plot research

A world-class network of research stations across Ontario enables multidisciplinary research that strengthens Ontario’s agri-food sector. These 15 research stations are owned by the Agricultural Research Institute of Ontario and managed by the University of Guelph through the Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance.

Two Ontario Crops Research Centres, located in Elora and Ridgetown, have housed experiments in long-term crop rotation, tillage systems, and nitrogen management since 1980 and 1995, respectively. These long-term rotation plots have provided a platform for robust research, the results of which have contributed to updated crop management practices that benefit the agri-food sector and farmers in Ontario and around the world.

This collection includes infographics that illustrate four key findings from 65 years of long-term rotation plot research, as well as the evidence supporting these key findings.


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