Examining the effect of psychological benefits of sport event

Finn, Cheryl
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University of Guelph

The benefits of sport hosting have traditionally been measured only by the economics related to events. The value of sport only being measured by an economic metric does not tell a fulsome story. This study seeks to better understand the intangible impacts on sport host communities by exploring the relationships between psychic income as a social benefit for passive and active support through the application of social exchange theory.Using secondary data collected through a survey of residents by the City of London, findings reveal an indirect relationship between psychic income and quality of life. Further, the study shows that psychic income is a strong predictor of active support. Residents who are highly attached to a sport event, are strong supporters. Results support the value of measuring the social impacts of sport and provide direction for hosts to engage communities more fully.

Sport Tourism, Psychic Income, Satisfaction, Social Benefits, Quality of Life