"I" and "We" Give Differently: Examining the Impact of Self-Construal and the Time-Ask Effect

Jurewicz, Zuzanna
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University of Guelph

The objective of the present research is to examine the interaction of self-construal, or the way that individuals think of themselves as separate from or connected with others, and the donation request type, or whether individuals are asked to donate their time or money to a charitable cause, and the impact this interaction has on empathic emotion and subsequently donation behaviour. We propose a mediated moderation model, with self-construal as the independent variable, donation request type as the moderator, empathic emotion as mediators, and donation amount as the dependent variable. The results indicated no significant mediated moderation relationship, but main effects of self-construal and donation request type were confirmed. An additional relationship of age and attention on affect and donation, consistent with extant emotional regulation literature, is explored. The findings identify important consideration for academics and managers in the charity fundraising sphere.

marketing, donations, self-construal, time-ask effect