City Of Guelph Aquatics Initial Summer Staff Training

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University of Guelph

This training package contains several sections of information for you, the Instructional Staff Training facilitator, to use. The Learner Profile/Characteristics section allows you to see who the learners that this project was designed for were. There are some minimum requirements for these learners in terms of prior knowledge and experience. There is also a list of contact information for professionals, community organizations, and water safety agencies that have contributed to this assignment. Many of the manuals and teaching updates published by the water safety agencies –Canadian Red Cross and Lifesaving Society – were referenced in completing this project. Those references are available to you and I encourage you to look through your own resources to find additional ideas and inspiration. The second section is the Initial Staff Training Package. This includes instructions for you about the training activities and a complete listing of lesson plans. The initial staff training module is two hours in length; however the plans are separated by learning objective and can therefore be used on their own. This section also contains a learner evaluation form and a resource package. The evaluation form is to be completed by the learners (staff members) at the end of the training session. You can use this feedback to make adjustments to the session, if need be, or to guide your home pool summer staff training sessions. The resource package addresses some topics covered in the training session, as well as other topics that were not covered due to time or resource limitations but address needs as expressed by staff. These include administration guidelines and instructions, working with parented levels and some drills to use in their classes. Further instructions on how to utilize the resource package are included in the Notes to Facilitator section.

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