Protecting Ontario's drinking water: Toward a watershed-based source protection planning framework: Final report

Advisory Committee on Watershed-based Source Protection Planning
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Ontario Ministry of the Environment

The Advisory Committee on Watershed-based Source Protection Planning was established by the Minister of the Environment (MOE) on November 15, 2002. Advisory Committee members were asked to provide advice to the government on a framework for watershed-based source protection planning. Together, this report and its recommendations fulfil that mandate. This report is organized into six sections: 1) Introduction - provides an overview of drinking water source protection planning and key concepts.; 2) Framework Fundamentals - contains the underlying principles needed to support source protection planning.; 3) The Planning Process - describes a ‘generic’ process for the development of watershed-based source protection plans.; 4) Risk Management - identifies key considerations in managing risks and threats to drinking water sources. 5) Information Management - outlines an information management framework to support source protection planning.; and 6) Conclusion - presents the Advisory Committee’s final conclusions on its source protection planning framework.

drinking water, watershed, watershed-based source protection planning, framework, risk management