Guidelines for the utilization of biosolids and other wastes on agricultural land

Ministry of Environment and Energy
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
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Ontario Ministry of Environment and Energy and Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

The purpose of this document is to facilitate the use of biosolids and other waste materials on agricultural land, while protecting environmental quality, consumer and animal health, food quality and the productivity of the land. These Guidelines are intended to supplement Ontario Regulation 347 under the Environmental Protection Act. The document outlines criteria which must be met before biosolids or other waste materials can be considered for use on agricultural land. In essence, these materials must be of benefit to crop production or soil health and not degrade the natural environment, before approval for use will be given by the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MOEE). The materials should supply essential plant nutrients and/or organic matter, or other constituents that will maintain crop production or soil health.

sewage biosolids, spreading rates, spreading sites, waste material handling, waste material spreading, spreading methods, separation distances, soil criteria, waste elements