Guide to applying for a certificate of approval to spread sewage and other biosolids on agricultural lands (organic soil conditioning) [Sewage biosolids and other wastes]

Ontario Ministry of the Environment
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Ontario Ministry of the Environment

A Certificate of Approval for a Waste Disposal Site (Organic Soil Conditioning) must be obtained before waste can be applied on agricultural land. This document outlines the minimum information required by MOE staff to properly assess an application for a Certificate of Approval. Note: The Ministry of Environment from time to time introduces regulatory amendments which could impact on some aspects of the 1996 guidelines. When this occurs the contents of the guidelines which are impacted will be revised as necessary and a new "revised" version of the guidelines then printed. In the interim, this document has been revised to reflect the changes listed in the Addendum to the Guidelines prepared by the Biosolids Utilization Committee in October 1997. (Revision Date: January 1998)

Ontario Ministry of the Environment
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Certificate of Approval, waste disposal site, organic soil conditioning, agricultural land, sewage biosolids, municipal sewage biosolids