Grand River Basin Water Management Study

Grand River Implementation Committee
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Ontario Ministry of the Environment

The main investigative period of the Grand River Basin Water Management Study extended from 1977 to 1981. Its purpose was to define the water management problems confronting the Grand river basin, and to develop a viable set of alternative water management plans. These plans are designed to meet the following water management objectives: 1) reduce flood damages, 2) provide adequate water supply, 3) maintain adequate water quality. This study provides a comprehensive framework to aid elected representatives, officials and citizens in resolving water management problems. The framework is flexible enough to accommodate changing water management priorities and needs. It provides a means by which new projects and other plans can be evaluated.

Ontario Ministry of the Environment
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water quality, surface water quality, groundwater quality, water supply, waste assimilation, water-based recreation, fish, wildlife, flood damages, municipal water requirements, agricultural water requirements, industrial water requirements, water management measures, water management plans, screening