The Atrium is the University of Guelph’s institutional repository hosted by the Library. We provide stewardship of the scholarly resources created, published or sponsored by our university community through the collection, preservation and dissemination of these works.

A wide variety of digital content is represented in the Atrium, including books, articles, reports, image collections, theses, dissertations, presentations, videos, audio materials and more. We accept both published and unpublished material.

Open access contributes to universal sharing of valuable scholarly resources. In special circumstances, however, the platform can accommodate specified restricted access to collections or items.


Simple submission of material using an online form.

Content is described using metadata to enhance the ability of users to search for and discover materials.

Items receive Persistent URLs, or PURLs, creating long-lasting reliable links to content.

Support for author rights and intellectual property rights through end-use licenses.

Compliance with open access funding requirements.

Content is safely and securely stored for long-term preservation.

Broad visibility and dissemination of content through a stable platform.

When to use the Atrium

This repository is designed to preserve final copies of scholarly materials. This includes defended theses and dissertations, published or unpublished articles (check our FAQ regarding copyright), as well as completed technical or research reports, manuscripts and other supporting digital research materials such as image collections.

Researchers wishing to preserve their research data should visit our Preserving Your Data webpage for details on our corresponding data curation services.