The Atrium

The Atrium is the University of Guelph’s open access institutional repository. It provides long-term stewardship of scholarly and creative works created by the U of G community through the collection, curation, long-term storage, and dissemination of these works.

Please read our Digital Repositories Policy.

What are the benefits of depositing my work in the Atrium?

Some of the benefits of depositing your work in the Atrium include:

  • Compliance with open access funding requirements.
  • Your research publications will be free to read and easily discoverable.
  • Most subscription journals allow authors to deposit their accepted manuscript in a repository after an embargo period (usually 12 months) - this is a cost-free alternative for making your work open access and meeting funding agency requirements. You can deposit your accepted manuscript as soon as the paper is published – it will automatically be made available after the embargo is lifted (if there is one).
  • Content in the Atrium is easily discoverable via major search engines including Google and Google Scholar. Content is described using metadata to enhance the ability of users to search for and discover materials.
  • Deposited items receive permanent URLs ensuring long-lasting reliable links to your work.
  • Content is safely and securely stored for long-term access.

How do I get started?

Please refer to our help pages for additional information about using the Atrium.


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