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Processing cucumber multipick trials 2006

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Title: Processing cucumber multipick trials 2006
Author: Zandstra, J.W.; Squire, R.C.
Description: A cultivar trial was established on a Brookston clay loam sand spot phase soil on the Ridgetown College research farm. Nitrogen fertilizer was applied at a rate of 100 kg/ha. Potash and phosphorous applications were based on the results of soil tests. The multipick trial had a row spacing of 1.5 m and plants were spaced 15 cm in the rows for a final population of 17 777 plants/acre (44 444 plants/ha). The rows were 8.0 m in length, and 6.0 m were harvest per row over 3 replicates. The trial was seeded on 16 June and harvest began on 28 July. Downy mildew was noted and alternate weekly sprays of Cabrio, Bravo, and Bravo plus Dithane began on 14 July. Regardless of the fungicide spray program, the disease destroyed the plots and picking ceased on 17 August. A total of 3 harvests were made.
Date: 2006

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