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Kintore Creek Watershed Study: Background report

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Title: Kintore Creek Watershed Study: Background report
Author: Merkley, C.; Glasman, B.
Abstract: Kintore Creek Watershed lies in Zorra Township, just north of the village of Kintore. This 13 km2 watershed has been identified as contributing significantly to impaired water quality as compared to other watersheds in the surrounding rural countryside. The completion of an erosion control study in an area that contributes significant amounts of non-point source pollution establishes an important guide with which future work could be based on. This report prepares a basis for applying the model GAMES to the Kintore Creek Watershed. GAMES estimates soil loss by water erosion and the delivery of suspended sediment from upland areas to nearby watercourses. Through visual inspection of the farms within the study watershed and the interpretation of water sampling data, it is obvious that severe farm management problems exist. The Kintore Creek Watershed Study has gathered background data for a thorough Erosion Control study. We are now ready to examine the study area in far greater detail. Continued studies will enable the development of an efficient remedial measures program as well as provide for a better understanding of the relationships between a high priority area and GAMES.
Date: 1984
Rights: Queen's Printer for Ontario, Crown Copyright, Non-Commercial Use Permitted
Rights Holder: Queen's Printer for Ontario

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